Your Vital Role

Jesus Brings Freedom ButtonPray is the fuel for any ministries and our lives. Pray is what we’re saying that we need God and it is only can be done by God and His’ power. Pray is the only way to reach His throne and receive His grace in time we need help. Pray is where we stand in the gap for those who are in needs of God and His love.

Through pray we come to God and plead for our loved ones. But also…

We are called to pray for others who have not heard nor known about Jesus Christ. We pray is to reach out the over 209 million people in this world to come to know God, for God to open doors for them to have His word in the languages (over 1,900 languages!) that they can understand best in their hearts, for God to touch them and change their hearts, for God to lead them in the way of truth and life.

You have a vital role in God’s mission in this world. You can pray today.

The Seed Company, a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliates, have released 40-days Devotional e-Book, that you can get it for FREE here. During this Lent, you can read God’s word, meditate and pray for Jesus to bring freedom to over 209 million people who speak about 1,967 languages. They have been waiting too long!

Would you join us to pray today?

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